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Share your secret desires...   Sally Sheinman’s new interactive artwork ‘The Wishing
Ceremony’ invites you to confess your deepest wishes and desires.

Housed in six intimate installations across the United Kingdom, Sheinman’s collection of
hand-painted wishing tokens hang like mystic icons – acting as an inspiration to make
a wish.

Visitors to ‘The Wishing Ceremony’ may leave their own hand-written wishes attached to
the wall of the structure. Whether it’s a generic wish for ‘world peace’ or for ‘all the money
in the world’, to the more personal ‘I wish I could dance’ or ‘I wish I’d told her I loved her’.

‘The Wishing Ceremony’ is an opportunity to share your innermost secrets and desires
with the world, in complete anonymity. There is a sense of innocent voyeurism about the
process, as you release your wishes and read everyone else’s.

Sally Sheinman said, "I can’t wait to see the installations evolving as people share their
intimate dreams with the world". Which leaves only one question. What would your wish be?

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