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I wish it would stay hot and sunny till October; I wish that I could stay here hidden forever; I wish that I will have a nice time on holiday;  I wish I got better in maths; I wish I have all the actorsí autographs; I wish I won the lottery; I wish I had a fish pet; I wish I had £10,000; I wish I had £1,000,000; I wish I was clever in mosque; I wish I was perfect at everything; I wish I could have better friend and best friend; I wish my father would came back to life; I wish we never had to do work; I wish my uncle pulls through; I wish that all of it turns out nice and I get this beeswax out of my ear; I wish for sex in the booth; I wish there was more orange coloured stuff in the world; I wish that my business is successful; I wish that when I die Iíll be giggling; I wish I was older and taller; I wish I had a pony; I wish I could be famous when Iím older; I wish I was Spiderman; I wish I stay 16 forever; I wish to be a good swimmer; I wish that the people who bombed London would be caught, and in the meantime, people would not blame Muslims for it, or our lives become harder.  Bob Geldof succeeds in making poverty history and racism would be taken out of the world and I would lose weight;   I wish my sister can find a guy for herself.

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