I love Utes                                                                                                             Vol. 2 - Feb 28, 05 


I'll admit it. My automotive journalist friends might snicker, but I love Ford Rancheros. Indeed, I love all pick-up cars. There is something about them that is irresistible. Maybe itís the attitude that resonates from their massive sculpted bodies. From a pure automotive designer's perspective, they are unbalanced, awkward, and ungainly. Despite all off this, these cars, and yes, they are cars, are blessed with great natural dimensions and an inner beauty that resonates beyond their goofy exteriors. The low, long front hoods and faired "b" pillars impute these vehicles with a sense of motion and power unlike anything else on the road. By comparison, an average pick-up looks static, the borrowed design elements from 18 wheelers weighing them down. Not so with the pick-up car. Its dynamic, ferocious, and ready to do just about anything. In Australia the pick-up cars, or Ute, has been allowed to evolve and develop into something quite amazing. Part sports car, part utility, Utes exude an energy and humor that few cars can match.  We have nothing like them here in America. So the next time you see that 1972 Ranchero GT, donít snicker. Instead, step back and enjoy the body work. You'll find that hidden inside that mass of unbalanced metal, there is something quite beautiful. - M.H.


1. Plymouth Scamp
2. Ford Ranchero
3. Chevrolet El Camino
4. Subaru Baja
5. Holden Ute

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