Auto Design Weekly "ADW" is a weekly internet magazine founded in 2005, which is devoted to car design and culture.  Each week ADW features commentary as well as a corresponding photo collage of our themed issue of the week.  Our issue of the week can be anything from the complete body of work of a top designer to a collection of hazard light buttons.  Essentially, we'll post whatever tickles our fancy; however, if you would like to suggest something, please feel free to visit our submit page for more information. 

ADW hopes to evolve into a unique website that will provide a retrospective of design themes and trends.


This site was designed, and is primarily updated and maintained, by M. Head, who thanks the RPM crew and Zane Ryder (missing motors & Urban Motorist) for all the assistance, inspiration, and support it provides.  No further details on M.H. are available at this time, but more should be unveiled soon.  That's just the kinda guy he is.


At the present time, no advertising opportunities are available.  Objectivity is key.


ADW is lucky enough to be associated with  RPMotoring.com.  Keeping automotive journalists legit!

 - M.H.




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